Hello! It's us, Rocco & Jako!

Hello! We are two Congo African Grey parrots and our names are Rocco and Jako.
I, Rocco was sitting on the left and that makes Jako the one sitting on the right..

Me, Rocco, enjoying myself with some willow branches     Showing my tummy & tail

I, Rocco was hatched at the end of June 1990 and was adopted by Frank when I was six weeks old. I am the only bird that has been fed by our daddy. That makes me kind of special, don't it?
When I was younger I had a very large vocabulary but now I prefer talking in Grey-ish with my pal Jako.

This is my pal Jako     He is a very nice looking African Grey parrot!

Now let's talk about my pal Jako. He's a wonderful bird, we don't know how old Jako is, but he was welcomed into our family in 1995. He had been living in a very small cage so he was quite overwhelmed by the amount of space he got from our dad. He surely does like the dishes Frank makes! Especially broccoli and apple salad. Coincidentally, I like the very same dishes as Jako!

Jako isn't as good around humans as I am (It took Frank a lot of hard effort and patience to make Jako less afraid of humans) , but he is a great whistler; He always manages to enchant those human beings and me as well.

We have a very large cage to play in, and entertain ourselves while Frank is away.
We have our preferences when it comes to toys, as all birds have. We like rope and wood toys best; we can destroy a rope ring within a week when we really want to!

These large creatures are making our neighborhood unsafe from time to time

Sometimes, Frank lets those large macaws flying in the room where we are. I don't care but Jako doesn't like these big birds and he always tries to chase them away from our birdy house. I guess he is just trying to protect our house from these large intruders.


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