Preventing diseases


Today I went to the vet for Nenya's injections. Iago and Zazu also had to join me on the trip to the vet, because it was time for their yearly check-up. :-) I was allowed to take pictures at the vet, please click on them to enlarge them!
When we were all packed up, we could leave..

Ready to go!     I am finished, we can go!

First, it was Nenya's turn. The vet really liked her and hugged her a bit first.

After the vet fed her some cookies to distract her, she looked in her ears and did an overall exam.

Hey! Don't bother me, I am eating my cookie!

Then she was fed another cookie and she was administered her injection. She didn't give a sound, she didn't even notice.
After her injection, she was allowed to walk in the room freely, so that the vet could check my parrots. :-)

Ah, more cookies!

Then it was Zazu's turn. He willingly stepped up and had himself examined.. But suddenly he decided that it was enough! He tried to impress the vet.. I had to hold him a bit and she also collected his feces in a container for further examination. :-)

Do I have to step up?

Last, but not least, it was Iago's turn. Iago seems to have a special place in the vet's heart, he received lots of hugs and she also told that this was one of the few parrots that was so sweet. I was glowing with pride!
Iago has been treated before by her, when he suffered a cropburn. (See my handfeeding page!)

I like you, Mrs Vet.. :-)

And what did Nenya do? She did a poo poo in the vet's room!!!

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