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All parrots scream some time and occasionally bite. There are a lot of solutions circling around in the bird world but according to me some of them don't work at all or even make problems worse!

When I bought my first parrot (Iago) I was told to react like this on biting behaviour: Grab your parrot's beak and shake it. Later I heard people saying that I should say NO with a very loud voice to my parrot. Others said that I should tap my parrot's beak.
"When a parrot screams, put it in the dark" and " When it screams yell that it should be quiet" were two others.
Opinions as mentioned above don't work, accoring to my experience. I have tried the tap on the beak when my parrot was screaming: It only made a bigger scene out of it.
Shouting at your parrot is even worse: Parrots love drama! When they scream and you start yelling back they have you where they want to. Imagine what a parrot would think: what could possibly be more fun than a human with a red head in front of the cage yelling at you, everytime you scream? Oh he's going away, let's scream again. There he is again..
Shouting is very normal for most parrots: parrots don't just scream when they are angry, but also when having fun. This is a crucial difference between parrots and human beings. We assume that yelling has the same reaction on birds as on humans but when thinking this we are so wrong!

What should you do then? When a parrot screams, don't do ANYTHING! Don't run to the cage and yell at your fluffy as he'll only like that!
When your bird bites you, don't show that you are angry or frustrated or anything! Just let your parrot step up and down by using commands. In this way you show your pet that YOU are in charge and not the bird. Sometimes your parrot will get angry or frustrated and will try to make you stop doing this by biting. Don't pay attention to this (It might be hard and sometimes even painful!) and continue with stepping up and down. Don't get frustrated when your parrot doesn't step up or down. Don't change the way you command it to step up or down by talking more loudly. Show the parrot that you have everything under control and that it is not your problem if it doesn't do what you want, but HIS problem. (He doesn't get the cuddles and that's BAD!)
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