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It's us, Cherry & Donny, the macaw gang.. :-)

We are two blue and gold macaws, named Cherry & Donny.

Hi! It's me, Cherry!

I (Cherry) was hatched in the beginning of may 2001 and was adopted by a nice guy named Frank on the
3th of November 2001.
I am DNA sexed so Frank could be sure of the fact that I am a genuine lady!

My friend Donny was hatched at the end of June 2001 and joined me on the 29th
of December 2001.
Frank also had him DNA tested and Donny proved to be a real man.. As if I wouldn't know, I could tell Frank that just by looking at this hunk. But unfortunately Frank didn't understand the macaw language then.

You see? We're in love!

Donny and I were fully weaned when Frank adopted us, so we didn't have to eat from spoons.

We have our own 'Macawproof' room of around 10 x 10 feet with a luxurious shower and bath facility.
We love to play and we can destroy most toys within the blink of an eye.

Our luxurious play house     With nice toys to test..     And toys to keep our brain occupied..     A fun boing..

And of course: Appropriate perches!!     But you'll have to tell us: How do we get this stuff OUT?!

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