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On the photo below, you can see one of my friend's African grey parrots giving the veggie string a fussy look.

What's THIS?!

Yet, he decides to go for the veggie string..

Let's taste!

On the next photo, you can see him holding the veggie string with one foot, to help him tasting the veggies on the string.. :)

This string wobbles too much, let's hold it with my foot while I taste it..

The other African grey looks curiously at his grey friend..

Hey! What are you doing up there?

He decides to go and find out for himself, whether that string is just as tasty as his grey pal demonstrates..

Can I have some too?

On the next picture, he's going for it!

No reply? Then I just GO for it!

And grabs a bean!

Yum yum!

The apple is more appealing after all.. On the next photo you can see them interested in (or eating) a piece of apple..

Is the apple good?

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