How to choose the right cage? I will give you ten point to keep in mind in order to find a handy cage.

Buy a square or rectangular cage as round or odd-shaped cages have been often associated with neurotic behaviours. Square cages are also a lot easier to line with newspaper and to fit with accesoires.

Find the proper bar strength and bar spacing for the bird you will be getting as some cages may be big enough but may not survive bird's beak strength. On the other hand, an amazon cage may be of a proper size for a senegal but the bars may be placed too far apart, which allows for its head to get stuck.

Some cages must be lift off the tray for cleaning. This may not be of a nuisance right now but keep in mind that your parrot should live many years and that lifting of can be a real nuisance later on. You can get a back ache when you are older and you will appreciate simpel procedures then.

A large swing door will aid in cleaning as it is very difficult to reach the inside of a cage through small doors. It might also be different for your parrot to get in and out. Also pay attention to the door latch which should be parrotproof.


I think all parrots should have a grate to avoid contact with fexes and contaminated foods. If you don't have a grate you'll give parrots the chance to eat their cage lining or bedding such as newspaper with inks.

Casters allow you to move the cage very easily which is necessary for cleaning the cage itself and its surroundings.

A good thing is to watch if the cage you are about to purchase has not only vertical bars but also horizontal bars. Vertical bars are for sliding down and to keep your parrot active (it burns more calories and it is a bigger exercise for your parrot to climb on vertical bars than horizontal bars) and horizontal bars allow your parrot to climb up very easily.
This is not a necessity as with a cage that has only vertical bars you can hang ladders on the sides. If on the other hand your cage has only horizontal bars you can hang sliding and climbing vertical toys from the roof of the cage.

A play-pen top which can be screwed off is very handy. As birds should not be higher than you I suggest you put this play-pen off and place it on the tray that comes along with it and place that combination on a large bucket or box. This allows your parrot to have a second place in your house or else in your garden. You don't have to buy a second play-stand then to allow your parrot to sit elsewhere than in its cage. I do this myself and it is great! Zazu loves it!

I think that a parrot should have at least three bowls. (For water, pellets or/and seeds and fresh foods or treats) Parrots can easily lift up and drop their heavy bowls. This can not only cause a terrible mess but also injuries or may leave your parrot without water when you are away. My citroncrested always lifted up her waterbowl and threw it on the floor. She also did this when I had just cleaned her cage-bedding so that I had to clean it again to avoid fungy.
There for it is handy to get a cage with lock-downn bowls. Make sure that these bowls are non-porous as well.

Make sure that your cage doesn't contain any poisonous material such as zink. For further explanation see my zinc-pages.
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