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I am Pino, an African Grey parrot. (Psittacus erithacus erithacus) and I live together with my mom and dad, two blue fronted amazons called Lotje and Pino (a bit confusing)

     This is my name sake. Pino!

two other African greys called Max and Saartje,

This is Saartje, do you see her broken tail?     Max has his own cage that prevents him from falling
     Click on this picture to enlarge and see the three of us!

a blue and gold macaw named Lorre and a cat called Cato.

This is Lorre, the blue and gold macaw!     He doesn't understand that he has to stay on his perch!

Recently my mommy has birds that stay with her, like these two baby amazons and this cockatoo called Kluk kluk. Kluk kluk made a lot of noise when he was hungry for his formula!

These two weirde green baby birds were begging for food!     But not as bad as this tiny 'terror'!

I was tested on PBFD and the first test came out positive, but when they retested me at another lab I was found to be a perfectly healthy boy!
I love doing somersaults and playing hide and seek.
I don't like it when my mommy wants to make a phonecall so I talk right through the whole conversation just to get her attention..
This is me investigating a puffin..

I went on a nice long Holiday with my family, they took me to the Ardennen.
We stayed in a bungalow and in the garden there were all fruit trees! I couldn't resist them and insisted on a trip to those trees!
There were peach trees (two pictures on the left) and apple trees! (picture on the right!) but I can't say which tree I loved most.

Congo African Grey sitting in the peach tree..     His tail is just as red as the peaches in the tree!     CAG in the apple tree..

11 October 2002, my girlfriend Saartje died. I feel very sad that she passed away, yet I hope she has gone to Rainbow Bridge.

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