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Another trip to the Niagra Falls Aviary! (diary of user: shirin)
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Niagra Falls Aviary




I'm not sure what the name of this little chubby bird is, but I thought he was really cute!


A couple of beautiful Ringed Turtle Doves!

Ringed turtle doves.JPG

I wanted to steal one of them and bring her home as a girlfriend for Keesh Meesh, but for some reason they kept flying away.



Here's a dove sitting on a nest :)


Doves hanging out with an Eastern Rosella


This little guy is a collard Aracari and comes from the Toucan family, but is said to be a lot more docile than the bigger Toucans 


Baby Aracaris may be fed by a group of adults instead of just the parents, which is unusual in most bird species


Collard Aracari.JPG

 This Blue & Gold Macaw really scared me to death!  He all of a sudden flipped upside down as I was passing under him and nearly gave me a heart attack!   


He seemed really eager to get our attention and play with us.  Pehaps he could have been a house pet at some point in his life?  His wings looked to be clipped, and the other 2 Macaws looked to be fully flighted and less interested in the humans.

bg macaw.JPG


Blue & Gold Macaw.JPG

 This handsome guy is a Bearded Barbet.


bearded Barbet.JPG

I think it's been a while since he last shaved his beard


These are called Chaco Chachalacas and they're from South America.  They look kind of like female peacocks in my opinion.


This Black chested Thrush seems a bit stunned by the camera flash

Black Chested Thrush.JPG

This bird looks really similar to the Hunting Cissa, but not sure if they are related.




bluebird.JPG       dunno.JPG

A California Quail with a really cool hair style!

California Quail.JPG

  This is the Hunting Cissa, also known as the Green Magpie


Hunting Cissa.JPG

Someone had a bath

wet cissa.JPG


Australian singing Crow, better known as Australian Magpie 

closeup crow.JPG


He's so handsome 

singing crow.JPG      Australian Singing crow.JPG

Cute ducks!


ringed teal.JPG


 This is a Fairy Bluebird.  They're from the forests of the Himalayas, northern India, Burma and Indochina.

Fairy Blue Bird.JPG

Don't know what bird this is, but he sure is chubby


 One of my dream birds, the Chestnut Mandibill Toucan

Chestnut Mandibill Toucan.JPG

Here's one sleeping.  Look at his fluffy butt!

fluffy butt.JPG

These Toucans are the second largest of the 37 species of toucans.


Looks like love! 

toucans preen.JPG

Green Jay 

Green Jay.JPG


 I had no clue what these beautiful plump birds were when I first saw them 


They are Pied-Imperial Pigeons!


They feed almost exclusively on fruits

Pied-imperial Pigeon.JPG

Very cute Java finches


java sparrow.JPG

java sparrow and blue bird.JPG    finches.JPG

This is a Greater Hill Mynah.  He looks like he's wearing a bandana. 


mynah greater.JPG

This pheasant was so sweet, it stood really close to us and started talking to us




This red Lory was such a vibrant red, this photo doesn't do it much justice  

red lory.JPG

This is a Red-Winged Laughing thrush.

Red-Winged Laughing Thrush.JPG

Apparently they have a distinctive call that sound like laughing, but I didn't hear this. 


  A giant wood rail hanging out on the rocks


This eastern Rosella seems to be camera shy, because even last year I couldn't get a picture of his face!


One of my most favorite birds at the Aviary is the Silver Cheeked Hornbill.  He seems like such a sweet and gentle bird. 

hornbill.JPG   silver4.JPG

Here I was standing less than a foot away from him, and he was just batting his long eye lashes and looking straight at me.


sc hornbill.JPG   silvercheeked hornbill.JPG

Scarlet Ibis have to eat a lot of shrimp to retain their vivid scarlet color

scarlet ibis.JPG

 This Royal Starling was sooo stunning, I couldn't stop taking pictures of him!

golden breast starling.JPG

 His colours are so beautiful and metallic looking.  Even his legs are gold! 

       tail.JPG         starling.JPG




 I think here he's saying enough with the pictures already!

starling shiny.JPG   

 Look at his beautiful long tail!

royal Starling.JPG

 This is a Wattled Jacana.  I couldn't get a good picture of his feet, but he has extremely long toes which allow him  to walk on the floating vegetation of his habitat.

Wattled Jacana.JPG

 Green Crested Turaco.

White cheeked Turaco.JPG

White throated thrush

White throated thrush.JPG

 Here's Star, the Amazon that as Kelly-Anne said never shuts up, hehehe.  Surprisingly on this day he was very quiet and focused on eating. 


Video of Toucans

Video of Blue and Gold Macaw hanging upside down

Video of Red-winged Laughing Thrush


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