I am glad you surfed into this site.. At the risk of being called a fool, (I choose to show pictures because this will make people more aware of the danger of electrical wires than just a warning on itself. Call me a sensation crazy, but I don't ever want this to happen with your bird, -possibly- ending up far worse than just a black beak!) I will show you two pictures.


What happened?
I just got Zazu's new cage. Because it's twice as large as his old cage, I had to make room for it. Iago's cage had to move to another part of the room, and Zazu's cage would fill one wall in the room.. There was a socket nearby so I checked if the electrical wires running from it were out of Zazu's range..
I thought 5 inches (I don't know the exact measurements as we use the metric system) would do, but I was so wrong!

Zazu manages to grab the wire with a toenail I think (He must have stretched his feet really far!) and then pulled the wire towards him. When I got downstairs he had a complete black beak

Electrical wires CAN bend if you pull them, so this might also have been the reason for Zazu being able to reach the wires!

I realize we have been incredibly lucky and I really want to point out the danger of these situations. We don't use the socket near Zazu's cage anymore. It's too risky, I would never want to lose my baby.
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