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1. Poicephalus s. senegalus (Linne 1766)

Senegal Parrot

Description: The senegal parrot has a general green plumage; head grey to dark grey; ear-coverts with slight silvery tinge; lower breast and abdomen yellow to orange-yellow; under wing- and under tail-coverts bright yellow, tail brownish-green; periophthalmic ring black; bill black; iris yellow; feet dark-grey. Immatures with duffer plumage; iris dark.

Length: 23 cm (9 ins).

Distribution: Senegalparrots can be found in Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau and Guinea.

Habitat: Senegal parrots live in savannah with trees, savannah woodland and open forest, these parrots regularly forages in cultivated areas.

Status: The senegal parrot is quite common, their population fluctuates in localities depending on food availability.

Habits: Senegal parrots can be found singly, in pairs and small flocks of 10 to 20 senegalparrots outside breeding season; shy; not approachable; mostly seen flying overhead; then noisy; flight direct, but not swift; Senegal parrots migrate depending on food supply; call series of short screeches and high-pitched whistling sounds; alarm call raucous.

Natural diet: Senegal parrots feed on seeds, grain, fruits (especially figs) and buds; also forages millet, maize and peanuts in cultivated areas.

Breeding behaviour: The Senegal parrot breeds from September to November; nests in tall trees; no further information available; egg measures 29.4 x 26.4 mm (1.16 x 1.04 ins).

Aviculture: The senegal parrot is a medium-noisy parrot; lively when unobserved; older imported Senegals always remain somewhat reserved; sometimes panic-stricken behaviour when approached by keeper; Senegal parrots soon become confiding; provide regular supply of wood; enjoys chewing decaying wood and rotten root-stems; Sennies are hardy when acclimatised; generally tolerant of other birds.

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