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If you have a fast internet connection, you might want to view some of Iago's movies. These movies may load too slow if you have a slow internet connection. For this purpose, I have put the size of these movies behind the names.
You need windows media player to see these movies. If you don't have it, please click here to download it!
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Movie: Flit tries to eat from his broccoli (1,793 KB)
(But he cannot hold it, and it falls down.. Iago won't help!)

Movie: Flit wants some of Iago's carrot (699 KB)

Movie: Zazu's toes are bitten by Iago (2,120 KB)
(In his effort to push Iago off his gym)

Movie: The three musketeers in the snow (1,711 KB)

Movie: The three musketeers on their snowy gym (1,479 KB)

Movie: Iago tries to move through the snow (1,079 KB)

Movie: The three musketeers & their play box (2,135 KB)

Movie: Iago takes a bath (851 KB)
(And so do the surrounding people!)

Movie: Iago & Nenya looking at the fireworks (1,029 KB)

Movie: Iago hiding for the bad weather (674 KB)
(And falling asleep)

Movie: Iago hiding for the bad weather (698 KB)
(Still interested in head scritches)

Movie: Iago and Zazu playing in a tree (531 KB)

Movie: Iago tidying up his tent (903 KB)

Movie: Iago in his new birdy tent (596 KB)

Movie: Iago trying to get attention (640 KB)

Movie: Iago says 'Hai' (195 KB)
(Dutch for 'Hi')

Movie: Iago says 'Hallo' (210 KB)
(Dutch for 'Hello')

Movie: Iago says 'Kusje' (268 KB)
(Dutch for 'Kiss')


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