Mijn prijzenkast

1) Give me a big cage with lots of safe toys.
You should be
aware of zinc
when purchasing
a cage and toys.

2) Give me some nice treats from time to time.  Nice nut, isn't it?
On this pic I was
eating a nut.
Mom had to crack
it for me though!

3) I need to be sprayed regularly.
You didn't need to take a picture of this!!I prefer to use
my waterbowl.
Here I had been
under the shower.

4) Take me outside please!
I love to
go outside.
I prefer the

When we travel, we travel in these carriers..




5) Give me a lot of hugs please!
I really like to
be scratched
behind my ears.
Please do so a lot!


6) Give me places outside my cage where I can play.
Me on a swing!
I'm on my
swing over here.
Don't tell him!


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