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Hello! It's so nice that you've opened our page! This is me, Indy.. I am a yellow collared macaw.. I am not as big as my blue and gold macaw brother Schoffie but I am a real macaw!!

Hi! I am Indy, a yellow collared macaw..     Ain't I a cutie?!

This is the grey gang... My two grey brothers.. Or sisters, I am not sure! They have their own play gym and they never sit in a cage... They are just fine there!! Their play gym is a real palace. On the third picture you see a part of their swing.. It's lovely!!


 This is the King... Elvis. He is a lesser sulphur crested cockatoo. It doesn't mean that he's less cockatoo by the way!! Elvis LOVES to cuddle. He is also an extremely clever guy! At the moment, he is learning to retrieve objects, just like a dog... Elvis is very very fond of toothbrushes, they're his favorite toy!
Elvis hates the thing you boil water for tea with, if he gets his beak on that he'll shred it into pieces! He is also displeased when someone wants to return him to his cage. 


Elvis loves to be outside... Running around with the goats in the garden... Isn't he a good sheppard?

Nananaaaa!     Hey! You goat over there, go out of my way! Make way for the KING!

 Or in the tree, destroying branches. He surely let out the cry of the wild when sitting in a tree! It's good that his mom bought earplugs!

Don't tell mom I am bringing her tree down..     Me? Destroying? I would never do that!

And this is Schoffie, my youngest brother... Schoffie is still being handfed. He is only a couple of weeks old and CAN fly right now! He was able to take off, so I guess his wings will be clipped pretty soon. Mom wanted to keep his wings untill he was able to fly...

Stretchy!     Ready for take off..     WOOHOOO!     Bummer!

On these pictures Schoffie couldn't fly yet, but at the moment we have a huge blue and gold Boeing 747 in our room!!

Umpfff     One day I WILL fly!     Truly!     Bye for now!

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