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My name is Twinky and I am a peach faced lovebird. (agapornis roseicollis)
I was given to my mom by her sister when she turned 18. She even called from the shop which lovebird to buy. How rude! I could have told her that I was the cutest of the whole clutch!
When I came home I couldn't eat for myself yet. Mom had to feed me with a spoon. When she wasn't fast enough I'd be quite annoyed.

My favorite past time is to bath in a small bowl and make all the spectators nice & wet! LOL! Or to bite my mom's friend, and hide after my mommy afterwards.. Or destroying paper. Really I cannot choose!

I live in this cage, I have another cage that mom uses when I go to her room. I can't be left alone else I will eat the books on the shelves! That is something my family DOESN'T like! (Why, I still can't figure out)

I lay a lot of eggs.. Mom decided to treat that with hormone injections but it didn't work the way she planned. Now she is thinking of getting me another cage with a grate so that I can't collect wood pieces anymore.

This is me sitting in my cage. I was quite surprised by that camera... You see the surprised look on my face?

Hello!     Hey!!

I became shy and wanted to hide behind my ladder!

Behind my ladder..

I like mom's headscritches best of all!


I had to look inside this oven mitt..

Twinky wanted to peek what was in this oven mitt..     What's in there?     It's not very roomy over here!

I LOVE to take bath. When I see a dish I always want to take a bath!

Ahhh, let's take a bath!

I was allowed to play with these nice things while staying with my auntie.. I got a bit entangled with a piece of rope..

A smiley mug, just for me!     AAAAH! Got all tangled up!

After that I really had to preen myself.. My feathers get dirty when I play..

Preening..     Look at my beautiful tail feathers!     Putting all those feathers in place..     AAAHHH!

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