Some things are just myths, I will name some things. Some thing surprised me as well..

Drafts are not harmful to birds. I don't know how this myth got into the world but according to a very well known vet drafts aren't harmful at all to a bird.

Going from your house outside isn't harmful for your bird either. I have seen pictures of birds that are normally kept indoors and were now playing in the snow. They didn't get sick or die, so why not take your bird outside when it is cold? His feathers have the same function as your dog's fur for example. Your dog can handle cold? So can your parrot! I got this information of Mr. Hooimeijer, who is a respected avian vet & behaviorist.
But please don't overreact with this and try to use common sense. :-)

Parrots need Vitamin C
I read this some time ago and I was astonished. Our feathered friends don't need vitamin C because they manufacture their own. We as primates do need this supplementation..
When a parrot is sick it might be recommended by the vet to supply some vitamin C supplementation.

Some parrot species can be handled by one person/ persons from one sex only
This is totally untrue! This has been formed by the owner itself, and the parrot should not be blamed for this! Even African Greys can be handled by different people!  You can eliminate your parrot from being a 'one person or one sex bird' by changing your own attitude.
I do believe that most parrots have a 'favorite' person. But this doesn't mean that this is the only person by whom they can be handled.
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