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Iago was named after Jafar's hilariously smart parrot Iago in Disney's Aladdin. I really liked that movie, it was so dynamic, so fast compared to the other Disney movies.. It is still my favorite Disney movie! 
Iago in the Disney movie is a bit evil but I can tell you that my Iago is a real sweety!

Zazu was named after the prim and proper hornbill Zazu in Disney's Lion King because I simply wanted a second Disney bird name for my parrot. Well that is not entirely true. When I was very small, my grandmother used a perfume called Zazu. It was a pink perfume, with a pink box around it. Since then I always associated Zazu with something pink. So that's why.

Flit is named after the feisty hummingbird Flit in Disney's Pocahontas.
After naming Iago & Zazu after Disney-birds I couldn't leave my third bird with a none-Disney name.. :-)
So that's why Flit became to be Flit!
I also thinks Flit's name fits him perfectly as his name implies (at least, for me) fast movements. I think the name Flit would not suit for example a very large and slow bird..
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