Preventing diseases

Today, Iago, Zazu and Nenya were picked up by Frank.. We went to his house to visit his parrots and have a chat.. :-) Frank's parrots can be viewed by following this link, a new window will open so you won't have to leave this page.
Iago was put on a nice play gym and when he reached the top, he immediately looked in the bowls if there was anything edible in there. Iago can be such a pig! He just adored eating. It's his life!
When Zazu was put on the play gym, he was behaving very well. In the beginning that is! After that he started to bully the African greys, Rocco & Jako by sitting very very close to them, on the edge of the play gym, just not far enough to fall!
On the picture below you can see Jako investigating. Jako didn't like Zazu too, Frank thinks it's because Jako thinks this is HIS cage!

On this picture, Zazu is really teasing the grey pals.. It might not look that way, but when we weren't in the room and I entered the room, I could see Zazu teasing Jako by raising his feathers and stretching out as far as possible. He immediately quit doing this when I entered the room!!

On the photo below, Zazu is trying to take a nap, but he keeps a fist in case a grey would approach HIS gym! He is really on the alert for anything that might happen.
(Of course he isn't making a fist to hit someone, but it looked like he was doing that!)
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