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Today, I took Iago to the National memorial monument in Amsterdam. Every year, on may 4th, we commemorate the soldiers and citizens who lost their lives in World War II. We lay flowers on monuments, and keep 2 minutes of silence in respect of those who have fallen during the war.
On may 5th, we celebrate liberation day.

On the photo below you can see the train entering Amsterdam Central Station. There are a lot of trains stopping there. Can you see the trains on the background? Those are intercity trains.
Iago seems eager to get out..

Can we get out now?

On the next photo you can see Iago in a tram in Amsterdam. It was his first time in an "Amsterdam" tram.. He insisted on taking the tram..

Great tram!

On the photo below you can see a photo of the "Naald' (Translated: The Needle)
It's the place where our queen lays her flowers.

The "Naald" in Amsterdam

On the photo below you can see Iago sitting in front of the monument. I don't think he understands the meaning of all this, but I just wanted to take him there..

Iago commemorates those who have fallen..

On the next photo you can see a more detailed photo of the monument. I am not sure what it should depict?

Close up of the monument

After our visit to Amsterdam, Iago & Zazu had a nice shower together.

We're not dirty!!

We hope to see you next time!

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