Preventing diseases

Here are some photos of Iago & Zazu on their play gym.

The photo below was taken when it began to rain. As you can see, Iago is trying to hide behind Zazu..

Can I hide with you, pleaaase?

Another photo of my fids hiding for the rain.. Zazu doesn't really care, Iago thinks the rain is a disaster to his beautiful feathers!

Singing in the rain? Crying in the rain!

Click here to view a movie of my fids singing in the rain (620 KB)

After the rain, Iago and Zazu met again..

Hi there, small brother!

Iago didn't let himself being chased away. He stayed on his perch!

I won't go!

So, Zazu tried it from another way. Iago is determined to stay seated on his perch!
After some time, I separated them as I thought they were quarreling too much. Iago stays a smaller bird than Zazu.. :-)

No way I'm gonna leave this perch!!

Click here to see a movie of Iago & Zazu quarreling (980 KB)

We hope to see you next time!

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If you are not sure if your bird is considered light built, please ALWAYS use a harnass!
The birds on this website are thoroughly trained  parrots. Some of the activities depicted could put smaller or/and untrained birds in jeopardy.
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