Preventing diseases

Today, Lilo and her mom came to visit us.
Zazu (Obviously the encounter with Harley was still in his memory) saw his chance: Lilo is also a macaw, but only much much smaller than Harley (Harlequin macaw)

It seemed like Zazu was thinking: I couldn't beat Harley but I can beat this macaw.. So he started bullying poor Lilo..

I couldn't beat Harley but I can beat YOU!

Zazu went on untill he had knocked Lilo off his gym.. :-(
Nenya thought Lilo was pretty interesting.. Do you see her ears?

I pinned you!

We put Lilo on Iago's play gym, and that went pretty well..
Lilo happily chewed the leaves and had a great time!

I am feeling better here..

When we went inside, we put Lilo on Iago's gym. They quarreled a bit, but not too much.. :-)


This adventure ends here.
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