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Today, Zazu joined me to my parents' sailing boat.
My parents tour around with their sailing boat each year, and we (my sister and I) sometimes visit them.
I decided to take Zazu with us, this time..

*** Disclaimer & warning PLEASE READ ***  Please note that one should be careful to take his or her birds on outdoor excursions. Wings should be clipped properly and in case of a smaller, lighter built birds, please ALWAYS use a harnass!
If you are not sure if your bird is considered light built, please ALWAYS use a harnass!
The birds on this website are thoroughly trained  parrots. Some of the activities depicted could put smaller or/and untrained birds in jeopardy.
Also, my parrots are fed a very healthy, organic diet on normal days.
PLEASE only feed your parrot these unhealthy snacks on rare occasions and in VERY small amounts!

When Zazu arrived on the boat, he immediately started to test the boat on durability.
He first started with the thing where the rope of the sails is tightened.
He didn't get much chance to destroy things though as there were so much things to see!

Is this Zazu proof?

My father had bought a new watch not too long ago. Zazu was very very interested in it as the photo below illustrates..

I have never seen that watch!

On the next photo you can see my mom holding Zazu while my dad is navigating the boat..


On the photo below you can see Zazu sitting on my sister's leg. She is not used to large birds like Zazu. His nails are hurting her leg..

Am I hurting your leg? Sorry!

On the photo below, Zazu explores the boat. He goes to the front, to see if the sails are OK..

Check the sails on deck!

On the next photo, Zazu is on the watch.. :-) He sees a sailing boat approaching. A little to larboard!

Ship at starboard!

Click here to see a movie of Zazu playing Captain (995 KB)

When you want to be the captain, you also have to wear the captain's head Zazu!
(It's a little big LOL)

I think I am too small to be captain!

Zazu followed every move I made, so when I went inside the boat, he peaked over the edge what I was doing inside!

Where are you going??

I was changing my clothes, and putting on my bikini. After I had put on my bikini, I took Zazu for a nice refreshing dive..
Zazu was quite impressed, this was his first time swimming!
He was sitting very calmly on my hand, while I was swimming around.

Nice swim!

My father also came swimming, and he was playing cargo ship. Zazu didn't seem to like my father's feet..
On the photo below he tries (or at least that is how it seems) to push my father's feet away.

Keep those feet for yourself!

To get into the water, we use some sort of simple stairs. Zazu sat there, while I was splashing around. He sat there very calmly.
The photo is not very good, as I took it with my mobile phone..

I am going out!

When we got back at the marina, there were some swans with their offspring.
Zazu was quite impressed there were such large birds on this globe!

Those are big cockatoos!

On the photo below you can see my father sitting in a cart, holding Zazu's wingabago.
My sister & mom are pulling it..
Oh well, I guess the women do all the hard work while the men relax.. :-)

Come on girls, pull that cart!!

This adventure ends here.
You can view more adventures by following this link!
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