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On this page, you can find some old photos of Zazu shopping.. :)

*** Disclaimer & warning PLEASE READ ***  Please note that one should be careful to take his or her birds on outdoor excursions. Wings should be clipped properly and in case of a smaller, lighter built birds, please ALWAYS use a harnass!
If you are not sure if your bird is considered light built, please ALWAYS use a harnass!
The birds on this website are thoroughly trained  parrots. Some of the activities depicted could put smaller or/and untrained birds in jeopardy.
Also, my parrots are fed a very healthy, organic diet on normal days.
PLEASE only feed your parrot these unhealthy snacks on rare occasions and in VERY small amounts!

On the photo below, Zazu is saying 'hi' as he starts his shopping adventure..

Hi there!

Zazu just came out of the metro..
He first took some time to look where he'd go..

Where should I go?

He stopped in front of the 'Bilderberg parkhotel'
That's far below my class, he thought.
(Note that Zazu thinks everything is below his class, the spoiled little brat)

Pfew, I don't go there, what a lousy hotel!

Zazu's adventure started at the bakery.
Do you see his crest raised as he watches the breadrolls? :)


Zazu also thought those chocolats were nice.. :)
Sadly enough, birds can't have chocolate..

That looks nice!

On the photo below, Zazu's trying to talk me into buying some chocolates for him..
(He didn't convince me though!)

PLEASE! Buy me some chocolates mom!

On the next photo, Zazu is resting from his shopping adventure on a terrace watching all the people passing by.

I am tired..

But on the next photo, you can see Zazu interested in the people passing by, forgetting about being tired.. :)

Do you know all these people, mom?

Finally, we headed for the garden center to pick some nice flowers.
Zazu thought the pink ones on the background were nice..
(I didn't like them though!)

Can we take these ones?

This adventure ends here.
You can view more adventures by following this link!
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