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Today, Zazu joined me on a nice winter walk..
Weather forecast said that this cold weather won't last long, so I decided to take Zazu outside while the snow was still there.. :)

On the photo below, Zazu is walking in the snow.. He just loves digging snow! :)


Click here for a movie of Zazu doing fieldwork in a snowy field (1.781 KB)

On the next photo, Zazu looks at the trees, there isn't much snow in them anymore..
Thaw has started.

So little snow in those trees!

Zazu loved the view from here..
He was a bit surprised that he wasn't that white compared to snow..

Great view!

On the next photo, Zazu is sitting on an information sign.

What's on it?

On the way back, we saw a thrush?
While I took this photo, Zazu remained very very quiet!
It was like he felt that I was trying to capture this beautiful bird on camera..

Not a parrot?

We also saw this redbreast..
A lovely bird indeed..
Zazu remained quiet.. :)

A redbreast, also not a parrot?

As a reward for not making a sound when I took photos of the 'wild' birds, we went to the play garden.
My friend also participated in a snowball fight with Zazu.
On the last photo, you can probably see a snowball in Zazu's beak. :)

Snowy play garden!

Click here for a movie of Zazu being taught how to make snowballs (1.326 KB)

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