Preventing diseases

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14 may 2005 photo added of the cheeky sparrows, please scroll down!

Alert! A strange parrot on the outdoor gym!
Yesterday afternoon, I fed the wild birds, and a starling landed on the gym where he had a good view of the food on the floor..
Zazu's crest raised when he saw the starling as if to say: You're a strange parrot! Iago didn't like the black intruder at all, and went to chase him away..

Starling: a wild bird on the parrot gym!

I have asked my avian vet about the wild birds & disease transmission and he is busy making an explanation..

He said that jackdaws & magpies won't grab my birds, not even Flit.
(I was a little worried)
He said that magpies will grab sick & young birds, and also eggs but they won't touch healthy birds.. Not even the tiny sparrows..

Flit was attacked by a magpie on april 26, he is missing some feathers now..
I'll contact my avian vet and tell him this news.
Beware of small parrot & parakeet species & magpies!

It seems like those wild birds have received an invitation, but from who?!

A jackdaw and another wild bird on the parrot gym!

Even though I don't feed them anymore, cheeky sparrows seem to love hanging around with the parrots..
They collect their down feathers for nest building, and they also collect the pieces of bark that the parrots chewed off.
And.. They LOVE parrot FOOD!

Meeting cheeky sparrows.. Cheeky birds!

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