We get fresh food every day, and if we don't get it in time, we'll remind Frank with a macaw serenade that it IS dinner time!

Donny trying to get a piece of corn     Enjoying my yummy corn!!     Cherry with a nice bean!

Since a short while we have a new brother or sister, we don't know if he is a he or a she as this bird isn't very talkative to us..

At first, he was even scared of us! Can you imagine?!

See? This pink bird was scared of me first!     But after some time he wasn't afraid anymore

These two pictures were added on 17 October 2002
Frank wanted to make some pictures of us. We weren't very cooperative at first (We went to sit in front of the window LOL!) but after Frank promised us an extra portion of those delicious nuts, we were convinced to pose for him..
Do you see the branch behind us? It has been gnawed in two.. You may guess who of us is responsible for that.
I (Cherry behind Donny) had to do a poo-poo. Not very lady-like, but would you have noticed that if I didn't tell you?


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