Iago has been given a new hanging play gym. Originally, I made this gym for Zazu, but as I left Iago on it, he immediately started having a good time on it, by demolishing it. The bark hasn't been ripped off by Zazu, but by this tiny green terror. LOL!

This gym has been made of willow, and the chain and other hardware that is shown on these picture is all stainless steel.
I've decorated his play gym with some toys. You can easily attach small toys with quick links and screw eyes, or just put leather strips or rope through the metal chain. It's a simple toy, but it works very good!

If you run your cursor over this picture you can click on certain spots to see some more detail.

Please regularly change the choice of toys on your parrot's gym. It helps preventing boredom and it always is a joy to look at your parrot investigating a newly added toy!
Please always supervise your birds with new toys.

leather strip & spinner toy cotton/plastic toy smiley mug, attached with a quick link plastic spinner plastic spinner with metal washers wooden bead beads & leather smiley mug, attached with a quick link plastic spinner
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