Preventing diseases

I think this subject must be noticed as most people go away on holidays. As far as I know, some pet stores over here offer this service. Paid or for free.
I don't think people should use this free or paid service as many other people might use this service as well. They might have a bird that carries diseases, like PBFD (beak and feather disease) or other diseases.
These pet stores may look very nice and friendly, giving you a nice opportunity for you to go on holiday and leave your bird with them, so that it can entertain itself with their relatives, but in fact you are running a great risk with leaving your bird there!

My suggestion is: See if you can get a friend or relative, that has proved to be very good with your parrot, or at least is willing to try very hard! Prior your trip I suggest you practice with this parrotsitter.
Practice some basic things like perching and getting your parrot in and out of its cage.
You also might tell them some things like:

What your parrot's favorite treats are

 What time it goes to bed

 What to do when your parrot bites or screams and what definitely NOT to do! This might sound stupid but all the achievements you've made with your parrot can be quickly undone by reacting in the wrong way. Or even suggest your parrot to bite in order to get a funny reaction! Or how it can be fed nice treats when making lots and lots of noise! I am sure you can bring your parrot to the right track again, but it surely will take some time again..

And of course, the kind of food he should get and at what times. The last one may sound very funny but my leadbeaters cockatoo is surely not to eat its breakfast when offered immediately after getting him out of his sleeping cage. He only starts to eat his food after one hour or so. Everything he'll get earlier, he will throw on the ground: through the grates..
Also, if I give him him food at 7.45 PM he is surely going to waste EVERYTHING. When I wait longer than 8.30, no matter if it is winter or summer, he will surely make himself heard. I refuse to offer him his food when he makes a lot of noise, as he might associate screaming with getting meals, so I will have to wait till he has become quiet. That can surely take a while!
So in order not to drive my parrotsitter crazy, I will have to tell them to offer Zazu's food around 8 PM sharp.

In case you intend to use a professional parrotsitter, please pay attention how experienced that person is, ask for their references (And check all of them!) and ask how they would deal with certain cases. If they don't answer them in that way that you'll get satisfaction, look further for another parrotsitter.
Consider that it might be hard to find someone with good parrotsitting experience, so also look for qualities such as fast learning how to interact with parrots, being good with animals etc..
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