Besides the normal parrot toys you can also use baby toys, under supervision ofcourse and with common sense. (No easy to grab parts etc)
Over here I will give some examples.

I give my leadbeaters cockatoo a safe, closed ball with no holes so that he can't get a grip on it to break it. His beak is too small to get it in his beak in whole, so it works out well. These are cheap cat-balls.
I used to give Iago cat balls with holes in them when he was a baby but when he got older his beak became to powerful and I had to remove these balls: he'd bite them into pieces! Iago (Senegal parrot) doesn't really like it to play on the floor like Zazu so I give him other toys to play with.
On the fourth picture shown below, Zazu is having a good time playing with his ball. He can be quite vocal when playing!

As shown down here Iago has his own big ball. There's water in there and some funny stuff that are moving. Iago liked watching the things that are inside. For the picture I put him on top of the ball.

I also use these rings that are made of hard plastic and these baby toys:
Iago and Zazu will demonstrate the use of one. :-)

And also some toys that are soft like hand toys and fingertoys, as shown below:

I also have music toys, like this toy. The farm-animals on which Iago is sitting, can be removed and if you put them back on place they let you hear the sound they make, along with a song. The buttons let you listen to a song and the wheel that is best seen on the picture with Zazu gives an enchanting 'magic wand' sound.

The picture down here shows a sound toy that lets you hear train noises and animal sounds as you press on them. It is quite loud so don't bother other people with it LOL!
Iago is sitting on his ball but you might catch a sight of the sound toy..

The picture shown below is of a music toy with four buttons. On the first button you'll have to press, on the second you have to press on a particular spot, the third you have to slide and the fourth should be turned. If you do that right, a pop-up opens and inside the pop-up a light goes on and off, while the toy plays a song. It's one of the best, as you can hide small treats under the pop-ups. :-)

I also have a toy that has animals that play or hum their song or do both, depending on which button you press. (On the picture yellow, red and green) If you put the animal in their place he starts to play/ hum its part of the song and if you remove it, it'll stop. Also a light is going on and off as it is playing its part of the song.

Final toy is ofcourse the computer! Iago is answering his own email as shown down here, but that's just a little joke..
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