My first days home..

29 july 2004
On the two photos below, I am home for just an hour or so. I was sooo tired that I could sleep in my mom's hand.
Am I not a sweet lovebird?
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Tired lovebird!     Pfooooh!

30 july 2004
Meeting Iago.. He doesn't look like a peachfaced lovebird!

lovebird meets Senegal parrot!

31 july 2004
Mom learned the art of headscritches pretty fast..
I guess she knew us lovebirds already!

Lovebird scritchies!     Lovebird wing scritchies!     Hey! Pay attention!

Hey! This isn't scratching! Put me DOWN!

Put me DOWN!

1 august 2004
With my big brother Iago on the playgym outside..

Senegals aren't very kind to me..      Sitting together with Iago!

4 august 2004
Sitting in the tree..

Sleepy lovebird!

10 august 2004
My first shower together with Iago (Senegal parrot) and Zazu (Leadbeaters cockatoo)


11 august 2004
On the photos below I am meeting Iago again. I really like him.. After all, he's my big brother!

Hey! Wanna play?

Only he doesn't seem to like me!

Sorry to bother you, man!

Oh, well, then I leave.. I don't mind.
Do you see my foot lifted on the photo below?
Lovebirds are pretty fast, you know! A lot faster than those slow Senegals LOL!

I am going already!

If he doesn't like me, then I can eat his food just as well.
He doesn't want to be my friend, so why should I leave his food alone?!

Now I'm gonna eat it ALL!

On the photo below I was foraging on the ground..

Foraging lovebird!

And on the next picture I am studying to become a demolitionbird just like Iago & Zazu!

Demolition lovebird!

A family photo.. With Iago & Zazu!

Say cheeeese!     What's that?
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