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Over here I will name some ways and tips of switching your bird on to pellets. However, your bird may never loose more than 10 percent of its weight. If it does, please switch to its regular food and consult your vet! A very accurate scale is of high importance here.
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Start with offering the pellets all day long. Supply the other food only two times a day for 30 minutes. (In the morning and in the evening)

Mix a small amount of pellets with your parrot's regular food and increase the amount of pellets during 3-5 days until you completely replaced the regular food.

The ways above didn't work on my leadbeaters cockatoo, I fed nothing but pellets for about one - one and a half day to Zazu (This is the maximum you can starve your bird as far a I know) and after that he started eating his pellets and hasn't stopped ever since. I checked his crop regularly to feel if he had been eating for 'real' and not just crumbled the pellets.
(This is not a very good method, please read the warning below!)

24 february 2005
*** IMPORTANT! *** 

have read that sleeping with an empty crop is very unhealthy as digestion should be in movement during the night.
With small parrots/ psittacines sleeping with an empty crop can result in death due to haemorrhages after only 1 night.
Also for larger parrots sleeping with an empty crop can be very dangerous!
(As digestion stops haemorrhages can occur)

This is particular important to know when your parrot is switched onto pellets/ another diet.
Should your parrot not have touched his new diet, please provide him some of his old diet before the night!


With my Senegal parrot I have tried this one with great success! I put my Senegal parrot on the couch and in front of, I started nibbling on the pellets. I ate some and Iago became very interested! I didn't give him a pellet yet, I just kept on nibbling, keeping the pellet very well in my parrot's sight.
After some time I offered a pellet to him, he had become extremely curious what I had been nibbling on..  So when I offered him his pellet he immediately started nibbling. I guess he wasn't completely convinced as he dropped his pellet after nibbling it for a while.
So I grabbed a cup with water and soaked the pellet a bit. I put the pellet between my lips then and let Iago eat from it. He immediately ate the whole pellet and I soaked another one and put that one between my lips so he could eat another one. The soaked pellet can also be offered between your fingers, but this worked best with me..
After I had been offering some pellets between my lips I offered some more soaked ones between my fingers and Iago was eating them all without spoiling a bit.
Note that I haven't been 'starving' him for a day or so, and that he had been eating other stuff just an hour or so ago.

I've also read that it might help soaking the pellets in orange juice or in some other kind of fruit juice.

Heating the pellets a bit may be helpful as well

According to Harrison's bird food it might also be handy to change your bird's environment: For example a box or a fish tank. Remove toys and perches and put some pellets on the bottom. I haven't tried this one, but it might be working?

Or simply place your bird next to another already pellet eating bird.

I've also found that my birds just love the Juvenile formula.. I add hot water to the formula, just enough to make it stick together. :-) I make small balls out of it and offer these when they are a little cooler. (But still warm)
The stickier they are, the better, according to my parrots' taste.
Maybe this will help your parrot getting used to the taste of Harrisons.
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