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Plant Scientific Name Poisonous Parts
Amaryllis Amaryllidaceae Bulbs
American Yew Taxus canadensis Needles, seeds
Azalea Rhododendron occidentale Leaves
Balsam pear Memordica charantia Seeds, outer rind of fruit
Baneberry Actaia spp. Berries, roots
Bird of Paradise Caesalpina gilliesii Seeds
Black Locust Robinia pseudoacacia Bark, sprouts, foliage
Bluegreen algae Schizophycaea spp. Some forms toxic
Boxwood Buxus sempervirens Leaves, stems
Buckthorn Rhamnus spp. Fruit, bark
Buttercup Ranunculus spp. Sap, bulbs
Calla lily Zantedeschia aethiopica Leaves
Caladium Caladium spp. Leaves
Castor bean (castor oil plant) Ricinus communis Beans, leaves
Chalice vine Solandra spp. All parts
Cherry tree Prunus spp. Bark, twigs, leaves, pits
Christmas candle Pedilanthus tithymaloides Sap
Clematis Clematis spp. All parts
Coral plant Jatropha multifida Seeds
Cowslip Caltha polustris Seeds
Daffodil Narcissus spp. Bulbs
Daphne Daphne spp. Berries
Datura Datura spp. Berries
Deadly amanita Amanita muscaria All parts
Death camas Zygadenis elegans All parts
Delphinium Delphinium spp. All parts
Dieffenbachia Dieffenbachia picta Leaves
Eggplant Solanaceae spp. All parts but fruit
Elephant's ear (taro) Colocasis spp. Leaves, stem
English ivy Ilex aquafolium Berries, leaves
English yew Taxus baccata needles, seeds
False henbane Veratrum woodii All parts
Fly agaric mushroom (deadly amanita) Amanita muscaria All parts
Foxglove Digitalis purpurea Leaves, seeds
Golden chain (laburnum) Laburnum anagyroides All parts, especially seeds
Hemlock, poison Conium spp. All parts, especially roots and seeds
Hemlock, water Conium spp. All parts especially roots and seeds
Henbane Hyocyanamus niger Seeds
Holly Ilex spp. Berries
Horse chestnut Aesculus spp. Nuts, twigs
Hyacinth Hyacinthinus orientalis Bulbs
Hydrangea Hydrangea spp. Flower bud
Indian turnip (jackinthepulpit) Arisaema triphyllum All parts
Iris (blue flag) Iris spp. Bulbs
Jackinthepulpit Arisaema triphyllum All parts
Japanese yew Taxus cuspidata Needles, seeds
Java bean (lima bean) Phaseolus lunatus Uncooked beans
Jerusalem cherry Solanum pseudocapsicum Berries
Jimsonweed (thornapple) Datura spp. Leaves, seeds
Juniper Juniperus virginiana Needles, stems, berries
Lantana Lantana spp. Immature berries
Larkspur Delphinium spp. All parts
Laurel Kalmia, Ledum, Rhododendron spp. All parts
Lillyofthevalley Convallaria majalis All parts, including the water in which they have been kept
Lobelia Lobelia spp. All parts
Locoweed Astragalu mollissimus All parts
Lords and ladies (cuckoopint) arum sp. All parts
Marijuana Cannabis sativa Leaves
Mayapple Podophyllum spp. All parts, except fruit
Mescal bean Sophora spp. Seeds
Mistletoe Santalales spp. Berries
Mock orange Poncirus spp. Fruit
Monkshood Aconitum spp. Leaves, roots
Morning glory Ipomoea spp. All parts
Narcissus Narcissus spp. Bulbs
Nightshades (all types) Solanum spp. Berries, leaves
Oleander Nerium oleander Leaves, branches, nectar of blossoms
Philodendron Philodendron spp. Leaves, stems
Poison ivy Toxicodendron radicans Sap
Poison oak Toxicodendron quercifolium Sap
Poinsettia Euphorobia pulcherrima Leaves, flowers
Pokeweed (inkberry) Phytolacca americans Leaves, roots, immature berries
Potato Solanum tuberosum Eyes and new shoots
Privet Lingustrum volgare All parts, includling berries
Rhododendron Rhododendron spp. All parts
Rhubarb Rheum rhaponticum Leaves
Rosary pea (Indian licorice) Abrus precatorius Seeds (seed illegally imported to make necklaces and rosaries)
Skunk cabbage Symplocarpus foetidus All parts
Snowdrop Ornithogalum umbellatum All parts, especially buds
Snowonthemountain (ghostweed) Euphorbia marginata All parts
Sweet pea Lathryus latifolius Seeds and fruit
Tobacco Nicotinia spp. Leaves
Virginia creeper Pathenocissu quinquefolia Sap
Western yew Taxus breviflora Needles, seeds
Wisteria Wisteria spp. All parts
Yam bean Pachyrhizus erosus Roots, immature pods


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