It's me again, Einstein, the genius rainbow lorikeet, rainbow lory or, in the language I prefer to use, a trichoglossus haematodus.
Mom made some more photos of me, just to show you the key to my beauty! What do you say? Do you think beauty comes just by itself?!
You must be kidding! It takes lots of effort to stay gorgeous!

To start with, I will taste the water (I will only have a bath if it is fresh) then walk through it a couple of times.
I will hop out, wrestle with my bells for a minute then climb up to the top of my cage and scream "have a bath, have a bath" as loud as I can just to make sure everyone knows what I am doing..
On the photo below you can see me wrestling with my bells.. :-)

Working out can be fun!

After that after that I run down a rope which is hung down the centre of my cage, and when I get to the end I will swing untill I get over the water. Then I will drop in the water on my back and that's when flapping begins. Water goes everywhere! (Too bad for the people surrounding me) I am not allowed to bathe in the house any more because of the mess and now have to bathe outside.
On the photo below you can see me swinging, in an attempt to make the biggest 'bomb'

On the photo below I am starting to bath. I have to soak thoroughly to allow the dirt coming out of my feathers. Even though I preen very often, I cannot take all dirt away.. I make sure mommy gets a nice bath too! :-)

Splish splash, look who's taking a bath!

I am really having fun bathing the audience as well.. Can you see me attempting to splash the water with my wings?

Hey you! You have to take a bath tooooo!

Yeah yeah, I know, I don't look that handsome yet.. But wait untill I'm done!

Just wait untill I'm done!

You see? There I am, gorgeous as ever. I even washed behind my ears! LOL!

I told you! Gorgeous, am I not?
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