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Hi! I am Neri, and I am a two and a half years old rose breasted cockatoo, galah, rosie cockatoo or eolophus roseicapillus, all the same names for my kind!
Mommy thinks I didn't read the book about Galahs. Galahs are supposed to be QUIET she says. I love to be scratched and I can enjoy that endlessly. That is ONLY when my mommy scratches!

I have one little sister, Resky. She is a quaker parrot or monk parakeet (myiopsitta monachus) and I also had an older triton cockatoo (cacatua galerita triton) sister, Luna. Luna isn't here anymore, she passed away and went to Rainbow bridge.

 My little sister Resky, she is a quaker or monk parakeet     She's really nice..     My triton cockatoo sister Luna was really scared of everything, even of her little sister!     Over here she tries to look scary by attacking her toy..     And looking sweet with a comb

I love to be around my human flock or flock visitors. When the bell rings I get very excited and start to scream 'Kusje kusje kusje' which means 'Kiss kiss kiss'.

When mommy wakes me I can be quite cranky: I really suffer from morning moods sometimes. And my family suffers with me then. :-) But most of the time I am the most sweetest rose breasted boy you've ever seen: Saying 'Dag poppetje', (Dutch for Hello dolly) 'Dag poepie' and 'Dag schat'. (both Dutch for sweety)
Sometimes my mommy doesn't get up in time to give me attention and then I will call out: 'Waar is kind?!' which means something like: Where's the child? I really wanna know where my mommy is at that time. I want her to feed me treats then!

I really like to play with shoe laces
No lace is safe for me..     Neri the lace loving galah!!     LACES!! All for me!

and I simply LOVE to chase human feet. It's just the dance people make when I try to catch their feet: It makes me wanna catch some more feet!
Mommy usually gets angry with me and then she'll show the plant spray and spray me with it. I don't mind: I will run to her like mad to drink from the spurt of water.
Yet I don't like the shower. When they ask me whether I want to shower or not, I say 'NO' from the bottom of my galah heart.
I do love to bath in the sink though, as these pictures show:

I love to bath in the sink!     and to drink from it..     But I don't like falling into it!

Sometimes when I get angry with me for this but then I will immitate the plant spray and call out: PSSSTT!! It really helps me when people are mad at me. They usually start laughing then.

Don't you dare to come near my cage or I'll bite!

On this picture I am looking at a cat. I can handle ALL cats! When mommy went on Holiday I had to stay with her sister who has 7 cats. I can proudly tell that I terrorized the whole cat gang during my stay there. One time a cat made a BIG mistake by leaning his paws against the bars of my cage. He shouldn't have done that, because I went down there to make him very clear that he shouldn't do that: I bit him and screamed out: 'Kekko'. That is my word for 'gek' which means crazy.
I have difficulties pronouncing the letter 'L'. So if I say 'Slapie slapie doen' (Doing a nap nap) it sounds more like: 'Sapie sapie doen' and the same goes for 'Lekker he' (Isn't it nice) which I pronounce like 'Kekker he'.
Those cats were glad that my mommy returned from her Holiday.

I am dusting my cage to help my mom     I also do some tougher work like doing the dishes

These picture shows that I can be a very sweet rose breasted cockatoo as well, besides terrorizing cats, screaming and chasing feet. I even help in the household by dusting my cage and doing the dishes. Ain't I a sweety?

Over here they gave me a Harry Potter hat. I didn't know what to do with it at first.

Collect money with??
Gimme some coins!

Maybe there was something IN it, something edible?

But finally I got it: it was a HAT!
Playing Neri Potter, the magic galah. Watch out, else I put a spell on you!

When I go to sleep, my mommy puts a cage cover on my cage. When she lifts the cage cover I whisper to her 'Koekoek, dag
poepetje', which means something like 'Cucook, hello sweety pie'.

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