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Welcome on Bertrina the Senegal parrot's page! They also call me Trina..

Hi Iago and Family,

My parents and I just love your website.  We love the
movies, diaries, and information.  We are very jealous
though because in America non-human family members are
not usually welcome at restaurants and such.  I read
on your website that you do not get to eat very much
cereal because dairy is not good for birds.  I think
you should recommend soy milk to your mom.  My parents
use soymilk and I just love to sit on their bowls and
drink it out of the spoon--sometimes I have to fight
the spoon though while I am eating.  It is very
healthy for birds and people too.

Let me tell you a little about myself.  My parents
brought me home when I was only about eight or nine
weeks old.  My parents hand fed me too.  They thought
I would never get weaned.  I had to have my formula
until I was over five months old.  My parents are so
ridiculous that they actually thought I was a boy for
the first eight months of my life!!!  They even named
me Bertrum.  I tried my best to set them straight but
they didn't realize their mistake until they got a DNA
test.  Now my name is Bertrina but my parents mostly
call me Trina.  Like you, I travel all over with my
parents.  I visit both sets of grandparents and I even
went to Florida on vacation.  One of the pictures
shows me when I was not very old--you can see my eyes
had not changed color yet.  The other pictures are of
me on my gym and me in the shower.  I would be
delighted if you would put me on with the parrots of
the world.  I will be two years old on December 22 and
I live in Illinois, USA.

Thanks for writing me.  I hope we can be penpals!
Yours Truly,
Trina, Steve, and Ginny Daut


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