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Parrots need a shower or a bath several times a week and I have read that cockatoos even need to be drenched at least one time a week. Some parrots don't like a shower or something else. Below I will try to find solutions for those parrots.

Time for my bath!          Lekker douchen!
Iago really likes to shower with me (I allow the water to fall on my shoulder, keeping Iago just above shoulder height, a feet away from me. He starts talking and whisteling then, while alternately puffing up and shaking his feathers. This way he only likes since a few days, I don't know the reason of this sudden turn.) and he also likes to shower on a chair as well as the picture shows. He really enjoys sitting in his water bowl as the pictures above demonstrates. Don't forget to replace water in the water bowl when your parrot is finished bathing.

When I tried to spray him with the plant spray for the first time he totally freaked out! I didn't spray him anymore then. Some time ago I heard that parrots take 'advantage' of us by making a big scene of something they don't really like. If you decide not to do that thing anymore because your parrot is freaking they will think: Oh, when I make a big scene out if it, I don't have to do that anymore.
Also, when they go mad when your spray them and you start acting funny, they will LOVE your performance and make an even bigger scene out of it next time, as they'll expect your funny performance.
Third, I have been taught by an avian behaviorist that, by confirming bird's phobic behavior, you actually encourage this anxiety and confirm that it IS something to be afraid of! Think of you when your were young, waked up by lightning and very afraid, you were allowed to sleep in your parents' bed. Well, that actually confirmed the fact that you did need to be afraid of something!

Showertime!Back to the point: There are a lot of ways to provide your parrot that shower/ bath it needs. Zazu prefers to shower with me, I won't see him bathing in his water bowl like Iago. He enjoys sitting in the hot steam and when I am done showering myself I make him step up and let the water fall on my shoulder, while keeping Zazu on shoulder height, a feet away from me. This way he really enjoys and he spreads his wings to receive as many water drops as possible. It is both a good way to provide your parrot its shower as well as some extra time you can share with your feathered friend when you are in a hurry.

After a nice bath allow them to sit on their perch and dry. If they are very soaked you might consider a blow dryer on a very low temperature. I usually put them in a towel or as on the picture below, in an old T-shirt.
Drying on my mom's old t-shirt

Of course parrots prefer some things about other things but it is not good to encourage phobic behavior when, for example, you spray them. If your parrot doesn't like the plant spray try spraying the water upwards as most parrots will prefer this. If your parrot doesn't like the shower, try and let the water fall on your shoulder first, as with Zazu. If your parrot doesn't like to bath in this water bowl try other water bowls (Iago prefers to take a bath in the water bowl in Zazu's sleeping cage. When I put him in this cage he'll immediately have a bath.) or put some fresh water in there. Find out what your parrot prefers but don't exclude the other things.
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