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Sunlight is a necessity to keep parrots happy and healthy. We, as humans do suffer if we don't get enough sunlight, think about all the depressions that come with the declining length of days in winter.

Research has learnt us that lack of full spectrum light (Almost identical to sunlight) can lead to strange behaviors. In rats (I am not saying that your fluffy is the same as a rat, I am simply making an example.) it was found that rats raised in artificial light were much more aggressive than their relatives raised in natural daylight. Male rats even ate their offspring, what they would never do if their cage was placed in natural daylight.

There for it is thought that parrots become depressed if they are continually caged inside the house and don't get sufficient sunlight. It mostly considers birds that are kept in basements, attics and sheds. I have read that an aggressive and plucking parrot that has been caged inside, can become much better if taken outside daily.
Simply placing your bird behind the window glass so that it can catch daylight is no option as the UV-part in sunlight, which is responsible for the vitamin D production within your bird, cannot get through window glass.

There for take your bird outside every day, not in full sun of course! If you are not able to provide daily sunlight, placing your bird next to a full spectrum light system, might be a solution.

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