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 New photos have been added of Sun Dance's new family member Lexy!
Please scroll down to find the new photos of Lexy, the leadbeaters cockatoo!

On this page, Sun Dance will introduce you to his family.. :-)
His mommy Pam wrote most of the text.. :-)

This is my precious baby boy, Sun Dance.. what a doll!
(Sun Dance is a Major Mitchells cockatoo, leadbeaters cockatoo or cacatua leadbeateri)
He came with a bad wing cut and broke many blood feathers, that had to
be pulled (Ouch) and went phobic on me for a short while and trusted no
one but since with help from Sue.. I started slowly gaining his trust
back again...Now we are both "Happy Campers" and all is forgotten now! :)
Love him dearly! :)

Sun Dance is one gorgeous boy!

Sun Dance on his huge play gym, flooded with toys!

A leadbeaters cockatoo should have lots and lots of toys!

This is a recent photo of Sun Dance..

Isn't he a beauty?

Sun Dance sitting on his gym..

Sitting on his play gym!

This is the newest flock member, Lady Xanadu, Xany for short.
(Xany is a Major Mitchells cockatoo, leadbeaters cockatoo or cacatua leadbeateri)
She came home july 17 2004.. Her mom just couldn't wait, and left to the airport quite early! :-)

I am a Major Mitchells cockatoo, leadbeaters cockatoo or cacatua leadbeateri

Xany looking cute on her first day home.. (She can do that very well!!)

Cuddles please!

She took a shower to get rid of the airplane smell.. :-)

I am not pleased!

This photo was taken some days after Xany's arrival. Isn't she super cute?

Cute leadbeater girl!

Sun Dance & Lady Xanadu's first introduction.
They were closely supervised by their mommy.
Sun Dance first hissed at his baby sister, but has settled down and can't stop watching every move of her!
Xany could care less about him! :-)
On the next four photos, Xany is sitting on the right. Sun Dance is sitting on the left.

Sun Dance looking at his younger sister..

Xany raising her crest high! Sun Dance looks even more interested!

Hey! You've got the same crest!

Xany showing her beautiful crest for the photo!
Sun Dance is pretending he doesn't see her.. :-)

Xany posing..

Sitting quietly..

Settled down..

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