This page is about a majormitchell cockatoo ( cacatua leadbeateri ) named Zazu. Other names are leadbeaters cockatoo and pink desert cockatoo.
He is a very sweet majormitchell cockatoo, I have had him since he was still a cockatoo baby. I have pictures of him on his pages.
Majormitchell cockatoos are not very easy cockatoos. They are told to be not as cuddly as most cockatoo species. I think the majormitchell cockatoo is a wonderful cockatoo. My cockatoo does talk a bit. Cockatoos are said to be not good talkers.
I also have a page for the birds I have had. About my citroncrested cockatoo Misty.
On my main parrot pages many info can be found on keeping parrots, choosing between for example and african grey and a cockatoo, parrot diseases like pbfd.

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