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Companies That Sell Stainless Steel Parts for Making Toys

Bird-E-Toys (http://www.bird-e-toys.com/)

Bird-E-Toys sells a wide variety of stainless steel toy parts, including chain, washers, quick links, screw eyes, open rings, wire, and bells.  They also sell bird safe wood, plastic, and leather toy parts.

C&L Aviaries (http://www.claviaryonline.com/)

C& L Aviaries sells stainless steel quick links.  They also sell the Perma-Play product line.  Some of their toys may have zinc-plated metal parts – check with them before ordering.

Grey Feather Toy Creations (http://www.greybirdtoys.com/)

Grey Feather Toys sell stainless steel quick links in addition to their wood/leather/plastic toy line.

Perma-Play Products (http://www.perma-play.com/)

Perma-Play sells stainless steel quick links and nylon washers in addition to their bird safe product line.

Birdsafe.com (http://www.birdsafe.com)

Birdsafe.com sells stainless steel hardware and other parts for making safe bird toys

BirdsJustWannaHaveFun.com (http://birdsjustwannahavefun.com)

BirdsJustWannaHaveFun.com sell a variety of safe toy parts.

Expandable Habitats (http://www.expandablehabitats.com)

Expandable Habitats sells a product called HanginRound.  This is a stainless steel rod that attaches to the cage with an acrylic ball that can be used as a food skewer or to hold toys.

Virginia Cage Company (540-350-2282)

Virginia Cage Company sells a line of stainless steel quicklinks, chain, rings, and perch hardware.


Companies That Sell Toys with No Metal Parts

Any toys made with just leather, wood, or heavy plastic parts are probably bird safe (at least you don’t have to be concerned about zinc problems).  However, you should still check with the company to make sure that the leather has not been chemically tanned.

Note that these companies may also sell some toys with metal parts.

Grey Feather Toy Creations (http://www.greybirdtoys.com/)

Grey Feather Toys are mostly wood, leather, and plastic.  They recently switched to all stainless steel quick links on their toys. They also sell the quick links separately.

BirdsJustWannaHaveFun.com (http://birdsjustwannahavefun.com)

BirdsJustWannaHaveFun.com sell a variety of safe toy parts.

Featherbutts Toys (http://www.toolady.com/www/toys/featherbutts)

Featherbutts Toys sells a line of Coca toys containing only safe parts.

Parrots Treasure (636-272-4880)

Parrots Treasure sells a number of toys made using only natural wood and leather.

Choppers Toys (http://www.chopperstoys.com/)

Choppers Toys sells a wide variety of bird safe toys that have no metal parts.  They also sell many toys with nickel plated metal parts.  Stainless steel parts are available upon request.

Beek and Destroy (http://beekanddestroy.com)

Beek and Destroy sells a number of bird safe toys.  All metal parts are zinc and lead free, plastics are bird-safe, and only 100% natural cotton and sisal ropes are used.


Companies That Sell Toys or Play Gyms Using Only Stainless Steel Parts

All companies in this list advertise that their toys are made using only stainless steel parts.  Unless otherwise indicated, we have not tested these claims.  However, since you can easily verify that the metal parts are stainless steel by making sure that they are not magnetic, these companies are a good choice for bird-safe toys.

Perma-Play Products (http://www.perma-play.com/)

All Perma-Play toys are made using only stainless steel metal parts, with the exception of the bells used on some of these toys.  The bells are nickel-plated steel (tested) and are completely safe.  Perma-Play also sells stainless steel quick links and nylon washers.

Bird Toys, Etc. (http://www.birdtoysetc.com)

In addition to toys with safe metal parts, Bird Toys, Etc. has many other toys and play gyms available that have few metal parts and are bird safe.  They mostly use stainless steel parts but some metal parts are nickel-plated steel instead (they indicated that they have tested the non-stainless steel parts to make sure that they are nickel-plated).


Companies That Sell Toys or Play Gyms Using Zinc-free Parts (Tested)

Any companies included in this list have allowed us to test a representative sample of their products to ensure that they are zinc free.  This does not guarantee that all of their products are completely zinc free, but is a good indicator of a company that is trying hard to make sure that their products are completely bird safe.  (Note for toy companies: please contact me at eharris@synnovation.com for information on this free testing service.)

Advanced Avian Designs, Inc. (http://www.parrotgyms.com/)

Advanced Avian Designs sells hardwood play gyms.  The metal parts are either nickel-plated steel, brass-plated steel (tested safe), or stainless steel and are completely safe.

Blue Moon Innovations (http://www.bminnovations.com/)

Blue Moon Innovations is best known for its line of "For The Birds" acrylic bird toys.  All of their toys are 100% Zinc-Free, the chain is nickel-plated and the quick links are stainless steel. 


Companies That Make Stainless Steel Cages and Enclosures

Cage Avianix (http://www.freedomcage.com)

Note: We have one of these cages and love it!

Virginia Cage Company (540-350-2282)

Animal Environments (http://www.animalenvironments.com)



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