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If you have a fast internet connection, you might want to view some of Zazu's movies. These movies may load too slow if you have a slow internet connection. For this purpose, I have put the size of these movies behind the names.
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  Movie: Zazu's table manners in the train (2,293 KB)

Funny movie: Zazu & the panter (105 KB)

Movie: Hooimeijer teaches Zazu to ride the bicycle (6,069 KB)

Movie: Tabu tries to steal Zazu's palmnut (781 KB)

Movie: Shy Zazu dances (399 KB)

Movie: Zazu dares Donny (macaw) with a palmnut! (3,337 KB)
(Look how Zazu is holding the palmnut in front of Donny's beak!)

Photopresentation of Zazu's youth photos -with comments- (4,663 KB)
Photopresentation of Zazu's youth photos -without comments- (4,462 KB)

Movie: Flit tries to draw Zazu's attention (2,043 KB)

Movie: Flit is too fast for slow Zazu! (1,406 KB)

Movie: Zazu's toes are bitten by Iago (2,120 KB)
(In his effort to push Iago off his gym)

Movie: Zazu is taught how to make snowballs (1,326 KB)

Movie: Fieldwork for Zazu in a snowy field (1,781 KB)

Movie: The three musketeers in the snow (1,711 KB)

Movie: Flit tries to draw Zazu's attention (2,656 KB)
(Help me moving through the snow, Zazu!)

Movie: The three musketeers on their snowy gym (1,479 KB)

Movie: Zazu tries to clean his snowy outdoor gym (953 KB)

Movie: Zazu digging in the snow (3,847 KB)

Movie: Zazu in the snow by night.. (654 KB)

Movie: Zazu travelling by train (4,557 KB)

Movie: The three musketeers & their play box (2,135 KB)

Movie: Zazu & Lilo teasing Mr. Panther (880 KB)
Note that there was absolutely NO chance that they could fly into the panther's residence.
Both birds weren't afraid at all. There was a rocking horse that was scarier than this big cat!

Movie: Zazu does the wave and says "Hello" (274 KB)

Movie: Zazu tries to kill his bell (999 KB)
(While screaming his lungs out)

Movie: Zazu angry at his wingabago (812 KB)

Movie: Iago and Zazu playing in a tree (531 KB)

Movie: Zazu going CRAZY..:) (442 KB)

Movie: Jako flaps and Zazu THINKS he can do that better! (1,907 KB)

Movie: Falling down in an attempt to impress Frank's greys (1,453 KB)

Movie: A down feather is stuck on Zazu's nose (920 KB)

Movie: Zazu trying to decend to play with a toy (935 KB)

Movie: Zazu playing on a tree in the woods (1,068 KB)

Movie: Zazu's showertime (1,123 KB)

Movie: Zazu looks like a clown (326 KB)

Movie: Zazu says 'Hallo' and 'Hi' (215KB)

Movie: Zazu says 'Hallo'  'Hi'  'Hi Zazu' & 'Ik ben Zazu' (512 KB)
(Dutch for 'Hello'  'Hi'  'Hi Zazu' & 'I am Zazu')


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