Here some photos taken on july 7

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On the photo below, Nenya jumps into the water to retrieve the tennis ball.. :-)


On the next photo, she has found her tennis ball.. :-)

I'll be right there!

Nenya had found two tennis balls in the water, one of them belonged to another dog.. She just couldn't choose which one to bring to me.. I've made a movie of her not being able to choose..
Movie: Nenya cannot choose between two tennis balls (1,039 KB)
If you look closely you can see two balls in the water.. :-)

Finally, Nenya has choosen HER tennis ball and returned it to me..

I'm coming!

Afterwards, I took these nice portrait photos.. Isn't Nenya adorable?


And this photo.. She looks like a bunny LOL! :-)

Ain't I cute?


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