There are some things that you shouldn't feed a bird, some things are fatal right away, other things can be fatal over years. I don't have a complete list of toxic and poisonous products and food but with a common sense you'd be able to figure out some things yourself.

PLEASE don't EVER underestimate parrot's intelligence and inventiveness when it comes to electrical wires!! Please read this!

Some pans have a teflon-coating. Though we don't immediately die when we inhale the teflon-fumes birds can instantly die from inhaling teflon-fumes. Teflon can also be found on gourmet-sets, so if you are planning to have a nice dinner with a gourmet-set containing a teflon coating please make sure that your bird is in another room and ventilate well after you're done with your dinner.

Though it sounds pretty obvious, but still need to be noted, that sigarette-fumes are not good as well for bird's health. Birds have more sensitive respiratory-systems and they can handle less than humans because of that.
Remember that people used to take a birds in a cage when they were going into mines. The bird's death was a warning that they had to run out of the mines because of poisonous air.

Hairspray and other sprays
I am not sure whether this is poisonous or not but as birds have very sensitive respiratory-systems I would avoid using hairspray in their presence. I don't think that you should use sprays like deodorant or anything like that near them.

(electronic) airfresheners
You probably know them, nice scenting airfresheners that you can plug into the socket. Or stuff like scent-candles or scent-oils that you drop into water and then heat up to get rid of the nasty smells in your house. I've even heard rumours saying that normal candles should be avoided as they contain toxic ingredients. Some say that certain candles are OK but why risk it? PLEASE don't use these products around birds!

Perfumed toiletpaper and tissues
I also heard that this was toxic to birds. I haven't heard from a direct case but it seems that these things should not be given to birds and not be used around them.

Cleaning products
Some cleaning products produce toxic fumes. Usually there is a label on the cleaning product itself that warns that you should ventilate very well if you use that particular product. Febreze is known to be toxic to birds, so please be careful!

The glue that's being used to glue carpets is HIGHLY poisonous. Even if you ventilate well, the fumes stay in the house when for a very long time. (Several days, I have read)

It sounds a bit odd, I must admit that, but cats are said to have a certain bacteria on them (pasteurella) that is fatal to birds. This is not because they are sick, it's just part of their natural bacteria. Eating from the same bowl should be enough to kill your parrot.
Go and see your vet immediately when your bird has been attacked by a cat. Even if the cat just touched the bird it can bring the pasteurella on it.
When your bird is scratching a lot and has skin-problems AND there is a cat around, you should see your vet the very same day and have your feathered friend tested on pasteurella.

Beware of electric wires. If a parrot bites into these wires it can be, needless to say, cause its death. So keep your parrot out of electric wires.

I am not meaning the windows on your computer here, but the window-glass. When a parrot is not trimmed it can fly into it. Your parrot can break its neck by flying into the glass or get seriously injured. I there for recommand clipping.

Some plants can be very poisonous to birds, so please get yourself informed about the plants that are not poisonous or just keep your bird away from these plants!

The seed of the advocado is higly toxic to birds. Please don't feed this to your parrot if you want to make sure your bird sees the light of the next day!

Please don't feed them to your parrot as well as other seeds. Remove the seeds from fruits like apple, grapes, orange etc..

Chocolate should not be fed to your feathered friend as well. You may like the yummie bar and want to share it with your companion but it is higly toxic!

Even though lots of parrot-seedmixes contain peanuts, they should be avoided as the shell contains fungi. The peanut is a ground-nut which means that they people lay them to dry on the ground. All kinds of fungi can nest into the shell then. Seed-mixes that contain peanuts should be avoided at any time, not just pick the peanuts out of the mix! I have heard that the fungi spreads to the other seeds as well when they are bagged together with other seeds.

Milk and milkproducts
Milk is not good for birds as well. Birds cannot digest milk very well, so please don't give it. Before I got to know this I used to give my senegalparrot a bite from my porridge as a nice treat. He liked it very much but after I got to know that this should not be fed, I immediately stopped giving him this. I now give him a hug, and that can't be harmful.

Coffee is not good for bird's health as it contains caffeine. There is also caffeine in tea (in smaller amounts though) and in a glass of nice refreshing coke.
Sodas should not be given at all to birds as they contain a high level of sugars.

Products containing a lot of sugar or salt
This brings me to the next don't-give-point: Don't feed your bird foods that contain a lot of sugar ,like cookies, sweets, or salt such as chips and canned veggies. (Fresh veggies ofcourse CAN be given!)

Alcohol-containing drinks

This I think is needless to say. I think you already know this, but I put it on my list, just in case..
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