Preventing diseases

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As some of you might have heard, Zazu had become pretty ill.. His plucking got much worse and he refused to drink as well. I was very very worried that there was something terribly wrong with him.

On a chat board where I hang out, someone told me it might be a yeast infection. I am not a vet, so I was worried this might hurt Iago, my Senegal parrot, as well.
I decided to bring them to my avian vet too. He is a very good vet, only treating birds..

The weather that day was lovely, and it kind of lightened my mood a bit. I was quite worried!

On the photo below you can see Iago sitting on the car's mirror. You cannot see it on the photo, but Iago did a big poop on the car. LOL!!


On the photo below you can see Iago & Zazu sitting on the car, enjoying the sun.

We love the sun!

When we arrived at the vet, we had to wait for some time. A Moluccan cockatoo came out of the vet's practice and again it amazed me how large and beautiful these birds are. Zazu seems so tiny compared to them!

After the huge Moluccan, it was our turn.

Zazu didn't turn out to be physically ill. The whole not-drinking and plucking thing turned out to be a behavior problem. I was instructed to act in a totally different way with Zazu.
I had visited this vet before, and also got some instructions, but I had forgotten some of it!

By the way, the next day, I went to town with Zazu. He always used to be afraid of bikes, and now, he wasn't anymore! He used to flap his wings, screaming with fear! It's a strange thing to believe that Zazu's fears are just an 'result' of my attitude towards Zazu.

If you'd like to know more about what the vet said, please follow this link!

We hope to see you next time!

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