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24-8-2003 part one

24-8-2003 part two


Zazu also had to check the Ferrari's licenseplate, he wanted to make sure this car was really the age my friend told him it was. :-)
Zazu can be such a birdy!

And also on this one, she has to take a course for photographing, really!

After the photos being taken, we went to a private disco my friend built in one of his barns. (With flashy lights!) Zazu clearly shows he is enjoying himself, do you see him swinging?

Yiehaaa! Do you see the lights on the floor? Let's do the birdy twist!

Nenya thought it was all too much for her, no dancing for her.. She went to the couch, crawled under it, and fell asleep immediately!

My sister Nenya is really boring!

My friends gave me some willow branches for both Iago & Zazu. On the picture below Iago is peeking out of his jungle cage. Right now he has gnawed a lot of branches and leaves off, and the whole house smells like freshly gnawed branches and leaves LOL!

Thanks for the branches!!

Zazu also enjoys his part of the branches. At the moment he is hanging upside down from his swing, ripping leaves to pieces, while screaming his lungs out.

What? Oh, do I have to say "Thank you"? Oh, well, thank you then..

For Nenya there were some sticks and rawhide shoes her beagle friend didn't want anymore. On the picture below she is testing one of the sticks.

Thanks, let's test it..

And she clearly enjoys it!


Till next time! :-)



24-8-2003 part one

24-8-2003 part two
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