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7-9-2003 part one

7-9-2003 part two


After meeting Donny and Cherry, Zazu went on with his ever going attempt to annoy Frank's African grey companions.. It seemed he was succeeding!

On the photo below you can see Zazu in the most 'easy' position to chew a branch: With his head through a cupholder!!!

Look what I can do to your play gym!

On the photo below, Zazu is inviting me to cuddle him.. Well, he tries to seduce me to cuddle him.. :-)

Attention please!

When this won't work, he'll try something else. He'll show me what he likes best, a good neck scratch!

Just scratch me here!

Do you see the feather of his crest slipping through his toes?

Just like that!

On the photo below Iago is trying to draw my attention by hanging upside down, pretending to be a clown!


On the picture below, Iago is trying his brother's tactic.

I will try it another way!

Iago looks incredibly cute on the picture below, don't you think so? :-) I couldn't resist him like this, so he got his deserved scratches.. Let's not talk about human weakness.. :-)

Mommy! It feels so gooood!


We hope to see you next time!



7-9-2003 part one

7-9-2003 part two
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