Pellets, why?

 I still believe that pellets are a wonderful thing to feed your parrot friend but I don't believe that pellets should be the main ingredient in parrots' meals anymore.
I am still providing pellets in the evening and mixed through my parrots' meals throughout the day but I don't offer pellets as the main ingredient of my parrots' meals anymore!
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Regular seed mixes usually contain merely sunflower seeds (Simply because these seeds are very cheap!), which are very high in fat and there for must be only fed moderately. Good seed mixes may contain all kinds of good nutrition but there is no guaranty that your parrot will eat all its seeds. It'll mostly be picky (wouldn't small children be?!) and choose the high in fat seeds: Sunflower seeds.

Parrots can do well for years on high fat diets and then suddenly pass away. You don't need to notice that they don't have a sufficient diet right away.

Another reason why to choose for pellets instead of seeds combined with fresh food is that you will never know how much for example, vitamin a carrot contains. You may never know how many carrots to feed your parrot in order for it to get sufficient nutrients. Let alone know how much of the carrot your parrot will waste. How do you know what to feed a parrot, in what amounts and how much of your prepared meal it will ingest?

Some people say that parrots will only eat what they need, what is good for them. But think about this: Do children (or even adults!) eat what is best for them? No, in most cases children will grab some chocolate bars, pizza and fries and other things that aren't very healthy rather than healthy veggies.

If you decide not to feed your birds pellets, simply because it won't accept them or because you have your doubts about it, please make sure that you DO feed your bird a healthy meal. That is: next to a good seed mix (low in sunflower seeds!) lots of fresh food, such as vegetables, beans and other fresh food.
Also beware of overdosing vitamin supplements. You might do more wrong than right. Instead of using these supplements, give them lots of fresh food that are high in those vitamins.
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