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It's me, Einstein, a very intelligent (What's in a name?!) rainbow lorikeet, rainbow lory or, in the language I prefer to use, a trichoglossus haematodus. I'm very fond of scritches, but hey, what little bird doesn't love a scratch?

Rainbow lorikeets need lot of headscritches, didn't you know?

I am a very curious lorikeet, on the photo below I am checking out my dad's new work bag. It's approved, as the photo clearly shows you!

What a nice bag!

I have to warn you: I really LOVE bags, I will attack anyone who comes near a bag that I am exploring. In this picture I am hunched over with my back feathers up, which means you've got to go away. I also shout really loud at the same time, sort of a RAAAA RAAAA noise. I don't know if this is typical for rainbow lorikeets or just typical for an intelligent bird like me?

Don't come near the bag I am exploring!! I warn you!

Now you've done it! Go away! Shooo!

Now you made me angryyy!

On the photo below I am playing with my mommy's shoes, I can twist myself into some amazing positions, but the loops are always too small for me to get my head into: My mommy always takes good care of me and prevents me from getting into nasty positions.

Yiehaaa! Playtime!

I am really convinced of being partial human so I won't even play with birdie toys, Destroying my mom's nephew's toys is much more fun. By the way, those birdy toys are far below my level of intelligence. After all, my name is Einstein, and it does mean something! :-)

Smart rainbow lorikeets like me don't do well on bird toys: They need REAL toys!

I didn't mind helping my mommy eat her 22nd birthday ice cream cake. I love ice cream and get all excited and whistle when I see the tub come out of the freezer. Yeah, I know how to get what I want!

Hey! Gimme some! It's my birdday too! :-)

Only on occasions, I am allowed to eat icecream. It's one of my favorite treats: The only things is, I'd like it MORE & more OFTEN! Can't you convince my mommy of the importance of me having my daily portion of ice cream? No?! Well, you're probably right. Eating ice cream every day would probably wreck my intelligent brain!

This is my fav treat!

My coke habbit: Don't worry, this can was empty. Mommy really looks after me.. I am not allowed to drink coke, and my mommy was watching closely to make sure I wouldn't cut my tongue, but she says I am a curious little bugger... 

What do you think? Lorikeet coke commercial!

This lorikeet has it all: Beauty and brain! I have to look after my feathers to stay this gorgeous and attract the lorikeet chicks. I can spend up to 4 hours a day preening! Don't you think the results speak for themselves?

Beauty takes lots of effort!

To stay this beautiful, a beautiful rainbow lorikeet like me also has to take showers. On the photo below I am taking my first bath in the sink.
By the way, mommy says I would make such a mess in the kitchen that now I am given a large cake tin full of water every day for a bath.

And it also requires showers!

On the photo below, I am doing some lorikeet acrobatics. It's compulsory to stay this fit and good looking.. :-)

And workout!

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