Preventing diseases

Over here I will name some things that every parrot should have next to a good cage.


A bird carrier is a very handy thing to purchase. Pet carriers come in many sizes and you can easily make a bird carrier out of it with fitting a half perch in there.
If you put lining on the bottom, provide some food it should do. Don't provide water as this may be spoiled and mess up everything.

Ofcourse they will need toys to prevent boredom. If a parrot doesn't have any toys they may overpreen, pluck their feathers or develop other undesirable habits like screaming.
Watch for metal chains that contain zinc, as zinc is higly poisonous to birds. Also beware of chains that might catch toes and beaks. Some bells may cause beaks to get stuck..
If you don't trust a toy, use it outside the cage for the parrot to play under your supervision.

A small parrot cage is very handy to serve as a boarding cage. Most people go on away for vacations. If you decide your bird should come with you, it might be hard to drag that big cage with you. In these cases a small boarding cage is very handy.

These boarding cages can also be useful in case of emergency. When you are forced by an unexpected problem to move your bird, you can put your bird in this second cage. Get your bird accustomed to this cage at a very young age.
This cage can also be of use when your primal cage is too large to put a cloth over it. Smaller cages are easy to cover with a cloth than those big large cages.

A portable play-pen allows the bird to have a nice play-area. On this play-pen, your bird can exercise and flap with his wings freely without being restricted by toys or perches. This play-pen should have at least one perch, a cup (preferable two cups, one for water and one for pellets and/or seeds) and a toy.
If you have purchased a cage with a play-pen you don't have to buy a different play-pen right away. You can just put the tray with the pen on top on a large bucket or box and place this anywhere in your house or garden. Never leave birds unsupervised when they are sitting on their play-pens in the garden.

I think it is not necessary to name this one, but don't forget to ask the bird supplier what your bird is eating and where to buy this. If there isn't any store next to you that sells this food, buy some from your bird supplier. You will need this in case you are switching your bird to any other food. If your bird doesn't eat his new food right away, you can easily prevent it from starving by giving it the same food as he ate at the bird supplier.
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