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Hiiii! Can I introduce myself?
I am Iago, a six years old male Senegal parrot. (poicephalus Senegalus) I came to live here at the age of just five weeks. My mom had to handfeed me for a very long time but now I can eat for myself. Sometimes I try to feed my mom but I am not sure whether she likes that or not.
When I was one year old I got a babybrother called Zazu.
I live together with a leadbeaters cockatoo called Zazu, a
white Swiss Sheperd dog named Nenya, a peach faced lovebird named Flit and my mom.

I am a very polite Senegal. I can introduce myself and when you say 'hi' and put your hand up I will do the same... I say 'C'mere' when I see my mommy eating something nice.. I wanna have some too then! I love to eat mandarines, bananas and other nice stuff. Actually there are plenty of nice treats!!
Sometimes I can be grumpy, but when you come with a nut like this I am sure I will forget about my bad mood in no-time!

I recently started to keep up a diary with photos just to tell you about all my adventures! I will make a diary entry and add photos from time to time.

On the main page you my mom put information you might want to know before you adopt a parrot but also information you need after adopting a pal like me. I hope she will provide you the information needed to keep your us (and yourself!) happy and healthy.

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My mom regularly updates our parrot website, by clicking over here you can view what's new.

I hope you'll like my pages. I really like being on the web, it feels like I am a bit famous LOL! By the way, have you seen my brother's pages already? If not, you should really pay a visit to them... I'd really like to hear from you so feel free to email me!

By the way, I got this present from my friend Mariko in Japan.. It's a vase of stained glass.. Lovely isn't it! Thanks Mariko!

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