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 1 new entry with parrot pictures added on 24 september 2005!
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I recently started a diary (illustrated with photos) about my birds adventures and their family’s whereabouts. I thought it would be neat to add more text to the pictures as well so that the pictures start to ‘live’ more.. When using a photo gallery I can only add a small amount of text plus and also some people are experiencing trouble viewing my photo galleries. They just won’t show up! For this I have chosen not to use a photo gallery but putting the photos on my site not using a gallery.. I’d like my site to be accessible for everyone, not just people who have a particular browser.

The only disadvantage is that these diary pages may take quite a while to load, other than the most of my site..

I hope you'll enjoy the the parrot diary.. :-) Please surf by from time to time, as I try to make an entry frequently.

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Note that the dates are not the dates I put these entries online. They indicate the day of that adventure!

19 september 2005 : Zwanenwater with Iago and Flit

 11 september 2005 : Parrot and parakeet drive inn
Avian vet Jan Hooimeijer was also present!

19 August 2005 : Visit to the Dutch Parrot Refuge
1 september 2005 : 8 videos taken at the Dutch Parrot Refuge!
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May 2005 : Iago loves riding on my bicycle!

May 2005 : Travelling by train & bus

May 2005 : Zazu bakes an apple pie

May 2005 : Zazu on my parents' yacht

29-4-2005 : My friend visits us with her 'rescue' parrots

29-4-2005 : Jako's first wing clip

18-4 till 22-4-2005 : Parrots going on holiday: Limburg

10-4-2005 : Big blue intruders on the outdoor gym

8-4-2005 : Shopping with other parrotfriends

7-4-2005 : Zazu paying for the groceries

2-4-2005 : Rocco's first time in the forest

End of march 2005 : Intruders on the outdoor gym!

27-3-2005 : Photos of Frank's fully flighted macaws

27-3-2005 : Rocco's first time outside

25-3-2005 : Zazu falls asleep during dinner!

23-3-2005 : Zazu painting Easter eggs

22-3-2005 : Iago, Zazu & Flit enjoying their meals outside

Off topic: Nenya playing with her Kong!
Date of photos: 22 march 2005

11-3 & 20-3-2005 : Zazu's food outings
(Hard Rock Cafe)

6-3-2005 : Zazu joins me on a walk in the snow

4-3-2005 : Fun and games in the snow, part two

4-3-2005 : The three musketeers playing together

3-3-2005 : Zazu travelling by train
New photo added: 27 march 2005

1-3-2005 : Fun and games in the snow!

13-2-2005 : Parrots enjoying veggie strings
(Iago, Zazu, Flit, Rocco & Jako)

2-2005 : Drying on the gym peacefully together
(Iago, Zazu & Flit)

Old pictures : Zazu in the Hague
(Visiting the Peacepalace)

Old pictures : Gardening & more!

Old pictures : Parrots in the autumn trees

Old pictures : About lovebirds & Senegal parrots..

Old pictures : Lovebird tales

Old pictures : Iago & Zazu cycling
(Iago loves to sit on the handlebars)

Old pictures : Zazu & Flit travelling by train

Old pictures : Old shopping photos

5-9-2004 : The parrot drive inn for the modern parrot

11-8-2004 : Iago, Zazu & Flit on the outdoor play gym

8-8-2004 : Zazu sailing and swimming

3-8-2004 : Zazu's visit to Giethoorn (Dutch Venice)

21-7-2004 : Lilo visits Iago & Zazu!

July 2004 : Zazu, the pink tourist exploring Amsterdam!

Old pictures : Zazu to the Atomium, Brussels!

6-7-2004 : Zazu working on his boing!

6-7-2004 : Nenya guarding her avian friends..

20-6-2004 : Annual parrot picnic organized by my avian vet

13-6-2004 : Iago & Zazu singing in the rain & quarreling

13-6-2004 : Parrot picnic in the Vondelpark (Amsterdam)

21-5-2004 : Zazu travelling by public transportations

19-5-2004 : Nenya pulling Zazu's leg!

16-5-2004 : Parrot day in the ZOO
Organized by the SPPW, organization for (companion) parrots

may 2004 : Parrots to the fun fair

6-5-2004 : National memorial day
New photo added 29 june 2004

26-4 & 5-5-2004 : Iago & Zazu's play gyms

week of 19-4-2004 : Zazu's holiday to the "Achterhoek"

16-4-2004 : Iago and Zazu to the vet

12-4-2004 : Iago and Zazu got a new play gym

26-3-2004 : Iago and Zazu to the ac Donalds

march 2004 : Zazu to the play garden

march 2004 : Iago & Zazu shopping, to the cafe & more!

23-2-2004 : Iago & Zazu travelling by public transportations

21-2-2004 : Iago & Zazu ordering at the

5-2/6-2-2004 : Snacks for Iago & visit to Lilo (severe macaw) & her mom
(Iago & Zazu joined me travelling by public transportations: bus, train)

4-2-2004 : To the shopping precinct & acParrot

29-1-2004 : Iago & Zazu in the snow + Zazu 's snack attack

8-1-2004 : Zazu shops till he drops

25-12/31-13-2003 : Iago & Zazu's Christmas & New Year

18-12-2003 : Zazu in the video shop & buying cinema tickets

25-11-2003 : Zazu visiting the children's zoo

20-11-2003 : Zazu buying his own cage bedding in the garden center!

19-11-2003 : acParrot

21-9-2003 : Enjoying our five course menu

14-9-2003 : Going out for dinner

7-9-2003 : Visit to Frank's parrots
(Iago & Zazu meet Frank's macaws)

27-5-2003 : Old pictures of Iago & Zazu on my parents' sailing boat
(Nenya was born on this day!)

2-9-2003 : Trip to the forest (quite cold!)
New (forgotten) photos added to this diary entry on 16 september!
You can find them on page 2 of this diary entry

26-8-2003 : Zazu & Nenya paddling on the beach

24-8-2003 : Visit to friends (Zazu inspecting oldtimers)
New (forgotten) photo added to this diary entry on 16 september!
Photo has been marked with a

22-8-2003 : A nice beach walk

6-8-2003 : Visit to Frank & his parrots

5-8-2003 : Trip to the forest & restaurant with all pets
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